Bottle Filler Perfectly Tops Your Cup

You know those bottle fillers at schools and airports? What if you had one of those at home? We know what you‘re going to say: My fridge has one of those! Well ours doesn‘t, and even though [Chris Courses‘] fridge read more

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The Famous Basic Computer Games Book Gets a 2021 Update

If you are a certain age, your first programming language was almost certainly BASIC. You probably at least saw the famous book by Ahl, titled BASIC Computer Games or 1010 BASIC Computer Games. The book, published in 1973 by [David read more

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3D Printed Printing Press Turns You into Gutenberg

A few machines have truly changed the world, such as the wheel, steam engines, or the printing press. Maybe 3D printers will be on that list one day too. But for today, you can use your 3D printer to produce read more

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