Jupiter‘s moon Europa glows in the dark - and that may tell us what‘s on it

Laboratory experiments have re-created the surface of Europa, one of the four large moons of Jupiter, with a surprising result - Europa glows in the dark. While we typically see the side of Europa facing Earth, this new study shows what this world might look like from its other side. This discovery is more than an interesting fact about the Solar System - it reveals secrets of the enigmatic moon. Europa on the rocks The icy surface of Europa is r

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Ultimate Cartoon Animator 4 can turn even non-artists into accomplished animators

TLDR: The Ultimate Cartoon Animator 4 Pro Windows Bundle includes the software to create amazing animation and the training to make it happen. It used to just be an artist, their supplies, some paper and a training board. Now, technology has taken the painstaking art of animation into places no one ever dreamed it could go. Thanks to powerful modern software, animators have an arsenal of creative weapons that a Walt Disney or a Chuck Jones never

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3 bets BMW is making to evolve for the future

This article was originally published by Michael Coates on Clean Fleet Report, a publication that gives its readers the information they need to move to cars and trucks with best fuel economy, including electric cars, fuel cells, plug-in hybrids, hybrids and advanced diesel and gasoline engines. Survival for an automotive company in the 21stcentury appears to be centered on two interrelated critical paths-forging profitable alliances with other a

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